General information about collaborating with Paper cup house

Where is Paper cup house located?
Bldg 1-1-19,Huayang Cheng,Chanba District, Xi’an

Are VAT included in the prices?
All the prices on the website are without VAT since we primarily sell to other organization with a VAT number. We can also sell to persons who do not have a VAT number, but there will be added 30% of VAT to the price.

Is there any hidden cost?
All of our prices are included production, taxes, printing plates, and standard delivery. There are no hidden costs.

Do I get a design file to proof before production starts?
We will send you a design file to approval before the production starts, on certain products you will get a 3D-proof.

What are the payment terms?
The payment terms are payment before production. In some situations, we accept different payment terms.

Can I have a free sample box?
Yes, we will gladly send you a free sample box.  Contact us and we will send it.

Which countries do you deliver to for free?
We ship fee-free to most Europe and America countries. 

What printing method are there used?
On our paper cups, we use offset-print. We use CMYK-colours which allows us to print all the rainbows colours for free.

What is the delivery time?
We can deliver in three weeks to most of Europe, we can also deliver express in only 14 days, we charge an extra fee for express delivery.

Is there something I should be paying attention to?
Most paper cups aren't actually made to hold high concentrations of alcohol. It is seldom a major problem with alcohol concentrations of less than 5%. But anything above that can drastically worsen the durability of a standard paper cup. We can make paper cups that are guaranteed to withstand a high alcohol concentration.

Do you have an environmentally friendly solution?
We have the possibility of making our paper cups in biodegradability material. Which means that we will change our PE-plastic with PLA-plastic, so the paper cups can decompose in special industrial facilities. 

What is the difference between single and double wall?
Double wall paper cups have two layers of cardboard so that they are heat-resistant, whereas single wall paper cups have one layer of cardboard. You can still drink hot drinks from both types of paper cups, but we recommend using double wall cups, as they are better insulated for keeping drinks hot.

Are there any requirements for the design file?
It is important for the design file to be delivered in CMYK-colours.

What is the minimum order quantity?
We have a minimum order quantity of 1.000 pcs. of paper cups with logo. 

What is the durability?
There is a minimums durability of 1 year. There is a higher risk of the paper cups cracking when they have been stored for more than a year.

What is the printing method?
We print with offset print on both of our ice cream cups. We use CMYK colours to print with.

What is the delivery time?
We deliver our glossy ice cream cups in 3 weeks for free, but if you are in a hurry can, we do it in only 10 days. Our matt ice cream cups will take 4 weeks to get delivered, we cannot deliver these express.

What are the demands of the design file?
It is important that the design file is delivered in only CMYK colours.

What is the minimum order quantity?
The minimum order quantity depends on the size of the cup, but the lowest amount we can deliver is 1.000 pcs.

What is the durability?
The minimum durability is 1 year. When the durability period is over can the degraded and it gives more opportunity for them to crack.